And a bit more progress

I think I might possibly have the fastest builders ever working on my house.

Tilly’s Cottage was “discovered” because Tilly and I used take walks in the area on our way to the park.  I initially saw a house two doors down that was for sale, viewed it, put in a very low bid for it and then very quickly got rejected.  This is when I got inspired (after I first got very depressed) and started putting notes in the doors of similar houses in the area.  It took seven months but the owner who had left Tilly’s Cottage dilapidated and in disrepair for over 10 years finally contacted me and, on a handshake, it was mine!

So cottage #1 just wasn’t destined to be “Tilly’s Cottage” which is a good thing because it sold for more money than my handshake deal, is on a slightly smaller lot and has fewer of the original features.   The new owners of cottage #1 got caught up in a bigger planning permission nightmare than I did and we ended up starting our renovation projects within a week of one another even though they had a 7-month jump start.

Wow, I’m babbling today.

Well, Mick and team started two weeks after and yet are far farther along than the larger team of builders at cottage #1.  Here’s the progress after just four weeks! 


  1. LorI says:

    Mick the Builder is obviously the best! Speaking of tiny bathrooms, I just used Kitty’s loo! Her’s isn’t that small; however. But, yes, you heard it correct. My sister and I flew down to see Ms. Kitty for Memorial weekend yesterday. When I just got back to my room, I saw my phone flashing. I had to peek!

    Now, back to Tilly’s cottage, is your bathroom a half bath? I recall you saying this was going to have two baths. That is tiny. Perhaps a shower stall?

    But the pic that really amazed me was the difference before your new addition was on. You guys had to remove a lot of trees! I’m so amazed to see the transformation and can’t wait to see more!

    Love all the new work! I can’t believe how much progress you’re making. I was telling my sister about Tilly’s cottage on the flight and I vowed to show my sister your blog. She is a kitchen and bath designer. She loves design, crafts, sewing and the like too. I think she will enjoy some of your writes! Thanks, Amy.

    Back to sleep now! It’s nearly 4 a.m. here. Zzzzzzz ;)


  2. Betty says:

    Loved being updated on your updade! And love the “babble”. Makes we feel like I’m right there sharing the “back story” that they always seem to be doing on TV. More, more!

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