Ballet school photo shoot

In April, I did a shoot for the Aisling Doherty School of Ballet.  It was good fun albeit a lot more encompassing of a shoot than I originally planned.  It was supposed to be just a couple of headshots of the owner and her sister for their June performance program.  Aisling asked if I’d get in some shots of the different classes as well and so I did.  Eight hundred shots later, we were done.  It was a lot of work but also lots of fun with nice people and good subject matter for the shoot.

This was no small editing task.  I spent hours editing and correcting little things in the shots that I wish I’d seen when I was taking the photos.  Adobe Lightroom was my savior…it makes batch processing so easy and I can’t imagine how much time it would have taken me if I were using Photoshop alone. 

I thought I’d share some of my favorite shots from that day — I put an aged effect on the photo of the two junior ballerinas that I really like. 

I also thought it was hilarious because Aisling’s son was so mischievous — popping in and out of the back of the shots.  I was so focused on the girls in some of the shots that I didn’t notice him until the editing stage (a bit like Where’s Waldo — or as they say in Ireland, Where’s Wally).

But I did manage to get one shot of him and it turns out to be one of my favorites from the shoot — although not what I was getting paid for.

And finally, I loved the dynamic between Aisling and her sister.  They were adorable together and you can tell they really love and respect one another. They were very serious during both their individual shots and the shots of them together so I loved it when one of them said something to the other that brought on a big belly laugh — I’m glad I kept shooting because I love that I got the shot that captured the moment.


  1. Lori says:

    I just happened across this blog. This is wonderful. There’s so much going on with you, Amy. I’ve missed so much of your life since you’ve been gone. It will be nice to catch up when I see you! ;)

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