So, one more post about my trip down to Waterford and Cork.  I have now shared Jamie’s house in Cork and our trip out to Salterbridge House in Cork.  Thought I’d share a couple of photos of her place on the Blackwater River.  It’s got a great view and a fabulous vegetable garden.  Jamie gave me fresh rhubarb, wild garlic and watercress to take back with me to Dublin so I had a good week of eating good, fresh food! 

We had dinner at a fantastic spot in the neighboring town of Lismore called O’Brien’s Chop House and it’s a beautiful area all around Lismore and Ballyduff with stunning sights like Lismore Castle.  Jamie’s dog, Rudy, was a good companion for our weekend walks, too.

It was such a beautiful weekend in Ireland and the sky was really blue for a good part of it.  As I was driving down the motorway back to Dublin, I drove under a beautiful bridge and I just couldn’t help but take that last shot which was a hip shot that I took without looking given that I was behind the wheel… 


    • amyswear says:

      Ha – I just realized that I implied hip as in cool and I meant hip as in from my hip without looking through the lens. Lyric would love the dog – he’s a sweetie.

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