Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare

There are some really great home improvement shows over here (or I should say, in the UK …which is most of the programming people watch in Ireland). For anyone who hasn’t seen Grand Designs, it’s absolutely brilliant and they finally have a new season out.  But another of my favorites is anything presented by Sarah Beeny.  She has had a bunch of property development programs as she was a developer herself and always has good advice.  That’s why I particularly like her latest show — she doesn’t take any of her own advice!

She and her husband purchased a 93 bedroom manor hall called Rise Hall in Yorkshire eleven years ago for less than £450,000.  It’s massive.  They’ve been systematically renovating and restoring sections of the estate. They’ve poured way too much money into it and have gotten all wrapped up in their emotional attachments to the house (both things she typically advises not to do) but they’re doing a remarkable job bringing it back to life.  Makes me want to go and tour old English estates (something I’ve always wanted to do!).  As an aside, another thing I’ve always wanted to do is the Pride and Prejudice manor home tour:

For those of you in the States, it’s probably not available in your region, unfortunately, but for those of you in Ireland and the UK:


    • amyswear says:

      I know – sorry! Don’t mean to tease you. Of course, if you came for a visit, we could sit inside and marathon watch them like we used to watch SATC :-)

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