Casper’s castle

My very cute and fun toddler friend, Casper, is living with me at the moment (also with his parents) because his mom & daddy decided to take on a big construction project.  Jessica (Caspie’s mom) and I were talking about what her renovation project should be called given that I decided to call mine “Tilly’s Cottage”. We decided that “Casper’s Castle” was appropriate — just because of the alliteration, not because it’s an actual castle.

By Dublin city-living standards, theirs is a good-sized house.  It’s currently three-bedroom/one bath but will be officially four bedroom/2.5 bathrooms when they finish (plus, a nice sized office that could also be a fifth bedroom).

Mick the builder officially started their project back in June while we were waiting on my windows to come in.  They live just down the road so it was handy that he could pop between the two projects.  They finished the new exterior walls for the extension and on August 15th, started wave two of their renovation.

It’s been fun working on our “projects” together as Jess and I have taken on these two renovations.  We’ve been able to problem solve together and, of course, bounce decorating ideas off one another.  She’s a photographer (check out her Comfy Photography photos) and very creative – that helps!  I highly recommend a renovation friend if you’re taking on a project of your own.

Here are some shots some Casper’s Castle.  More to come… And, by the way, happy birthday, Jessica! x


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