Christiana’s Bookpage Wreath

Here’s a repost from Christiana’s blog on the Wreath she made out of book pages re-posted with her permission :-).  Man is she ever creative:

It was inspired by one of the design blogs I like – thenester.  In her blog she said it took her an hour.  Mine took a lot longer than an hour!! But I love how it turned out! I used a hot glue gun for the whole thing – making the cones and then gluing them on.  I think gluing the pages into cones with craft glue might have worked better and then attaching them with hot glue to the wreath ring.

Things I would do differently –

1. Not buy the green foam ring but those straw ones like she does on the nester.

2. If I did buy the green foam ring I’d wrap it with book pages to start with.  I added more book pages than I probably needed too just to hide the green.

3. Plan for hanging it before I glued the cones on.  I really struggled hanging it because I was trying to put wire in the back without smashing the pages in the front.

I love using books for everything from cards to big decorations like this!  It’s is virtually free!


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