Clearing the site

It was another weekend spent out at Tilly’s Cottage working on various projects.  Saturday was basically a wash because I went out to do more paint removal and sanding and ended up getting a parade of visitors — most of them unexpected visits — but I was very happy for the distraction which included visits from Clodagh K., Ruby, Jill, Jess, Kalle and Casper and neighbors Josie, Lela, Antony, Charlie, Marie and Gretta — with lots of offers of cups of tea!

On Sunday, my 70-year-old and highly energetic friend, Joe, was kind enough to come over with his chainsaw and help me with a bit of work clearing the site for the extension.  It was pretty back-breaking work but a branch that went astray into the neighbor’s back garden resulted in two cups of steaming hot coffee and black forest cake passed over the wall to us as a reprieve.

I did learn the importance of having rope and a ladder to “train” the tree branches to fall the right direction though!









  1. mollyg says:

    hey, who is joe? great friend!! and, there are two pictures of before, was there meant to be an after? you are doing great!! keep up the good work. So glad to hear that the neighbors are popping up!!

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