Cow Parsley just keeps showing up everywhere

I’m sorry that I feel compelled to keep writing about this wallpaper that I have actually used in my own home as well but I keep running across it and every time I see it, I think it looks amazing — even when I see it in my stairwell.

This is the first time I’ve seen it in pink and I thought the little “nook” approach in the way it’s used is adorable. Seriously, this wallpaper looks good in every color. Love. Love. Love. ¬†Available from Cole & Son.


  1. Chris Newald says:

    The nook approach looks great! I’ve always recommended using small things like this to spice up an apartment. They’re inexpensive since you can find odds and ends in the discount bins (and you don’t need much) and the effects can change an ordinary room into something that really stands out. As for cow parsley, it always brings back memories of the summer and my trips to the country.

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