Creative closet doors

After seeing Sunday’s post on re-purposed screen doors, Christiana sent in this photo of the screen doors she backed with fabric to use for the sliding doors in her closet – how smart is she?

Which got me thinking about closet doors in most homes in the US (closets aren’t quite as popular here in Ireland…) many of which are those awful hollow wood doors on sliders.¬† I thought I’d post a few more pieces of inspiration if you’re looking to do something a bit out of the norm with your closet (or wardrobe!).¬†


  1. Christiana Childers says:

    You’re funny! If I would have known you were going to post that photo, I’d have moved some of the clothes/bags at the end of the bed! I wouldn’t have dealt with them, of course, just moved them out of the way for the photo!

    • amyswear says:

      oops – sorry about that! I thought you were sending it to me on my request to include it :-) I didn’t even notice anything at the end of the bed, btw…. (but now that we’ve posted, all 2 blog readers will know – just kidding…)

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