“Fairy cakes” have been around in Ireland for a while now (lovely name, isn’t it?) but the indulgent American sister of fairy cakes, Cupcakes, haven’t really been that popular here until the last few years.  You’re probably wondering how they’re different and it’s subtle but I’d say the primary differences are moistness of the cake (sorry Irish friends but have to call a spade a spade!) and the volume and type of icing! (We Americans like to pile it on!).  I would say that most fairy cakes I’ve come across are more glazed than anything else (or possibly rolled icing on occasion) whereas classic cupcakes would be decorated much in the same way you would a fancy cake – yum.  Anyway, there are cupcake shops springing up a lot of places around town and it was fun to see these beauties the other day!

cupcakes in Dublin

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