Curb appeal?

IMG_6948Okay, at first glance, there might not be anything particularly special in this photograph but I am keeping it to add to my mental file of things I’m going to have done on the house.  You see, it’s common here to have a cut-out in the door  for your mail to go through but I’ve learned the hard way that this can be very cold and drafty when you don’t have a second inner door.  So, I thought I was being clever and added a “post box” on the inside of my door to prevent the draft and catch the post.  The only problem I didn’t anticipate with this was the fact that it drives Tilly crazy and she barks like her life depends on it (or perhaps more accurately, like all our lives depend on it!). So, when I saw this house, I noticed that it has a super simple door which I love and a post box on the outside of the house. Problem solved…why didn’t I think of that before?


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