D.I.Y. A.D.D.

I spent most of my weekend at Tilly’s Cottage working on stripping paint.  My goal was to work on the banister but I was all over the place working on a project here and a project there.  I decided I have the DIY-er’s version of A.D.D. I just couldn’t stay focused and wanted to get it all done.  I’m even fantasizing my next day off work in March for Paddy’s Day to work on the house.  I’m completely addicted.  My progress won’t look like much to anyone who hasn’t seen the house in person but I did, in fact, make some significant progress.  I got the banister back to the bare wood which looks like it’s cherry and it’s in great condition.

I cleared all the coal from the old coal storage under the stairs. I also cleaned out a bit of the fireplace muck and also got the top layer of paint of the top of the fireplace (I don’t need to worry about the full chimney breast because the mantle will go in the mid-section and above, it will be re-plastered). Not a word a lie – there were at least 6 coats of paint on the banister and I made it through of all them.  I’m through about 3 coats on the fireplace. 

For those looking to do the same, a heat gun and a scraper work wonders — you’ll also need some paint stripper and steel wool for the crevices and I found a palm sander is good for the finish.


  1. Becky says:

    Great job, that’s tough work, especially when you’re talking about someplace that old. All I can is…. I hope you’re wearing a mask!

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