Displaying children’s artwork

When it comes to displaying the artwork of your kids, banners with pegs abound and there are lots of great images of this across the web — I’m not knocking it at all — I think it’s a brilliant solution.  But I thought I would include one banner example and a couple of others that I thought were clev-uh (that’s my attempt at a Boston accent — I could have also said “wicked smaaaht”).

From the Fiskers website, I like the idea of making the art banner an actual banner with proper flag bunting. Cute. 


And how smart to take photos of your kids’ artwork and incorporate it into a thumbnail collage? Seems like it not only archives it forever but also prevents children’s art from taking over your entire house.



  1. Becky says:

    I always told my organizing clients to take photos of kids artwork to keep rather than keeping every single bulky and awkward piece, but I never thought of displaying the photos in anything other than an album. I love the thumbnail display idea!!

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