Framed wallpaper

It’s probably pretty obvious that I’m in to wallpaper.  I can’t say that I always loved wallpaper but my appreciation for it grows more each –okay, perhaps just because I’m getting older, but I’d like to think it’s because wallpaper design just keeps getting better!

When I ran across this design, I just love, love, loved it (that’s a lot of love).  I think it’s so clever the way the white wall frames the framed wallpaper — truly making it art for the wall.  It’s a beautiful effect nicely complemented by those sweet yellow cushions and the turned white lamp.  It would also be an easy way in which to make a room seasonal if you happen to have a place to store the gigantic framed wallpaper to swap it out with another.  And one last thought — great for apartment renters looking to customize a space.


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