Gold rush

I was helping my friend, Kathy, clear out the family home in New York several years ago after her aunt had passed away.  As we were sorting through what to keep, donate and throw away, we came across a set of gold-rimmed china that had belonged to Kathy’s grandmother on the McGlone side of the clan.  While it wasn’t particularly my style nor Kathy’s, it seemed a shame to let it go so I convinced her we should bring it back to Boston with us.

Not long after this, my good friend, Brent (whose birthday is today), came to visit Boston from Austin, Texas.  Kathy lamented over my reluctance to donate the china when we were in New York and Brent offered to take them off her hands.  Shortly thereafter the dishes were shipped to Austin much to Brent and his partner, Jimmy’s delight.  While I no longer have the copies of the photos, Brent and Jimmy literally used “Mama McGlone’s” plates as the centerpiece of their Thanksgiving feast — and they really played up the gold theme.  I tend to be more of a silver person myself but their photos made me appreciate how nice gold can look when “dressed” the right way.   Happy birthday, Brent!


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