Great tips for recent renovators

Lots of great tips courtesy of Real Simple magazine on painting, cleaning, hanging artwork, etc. to make all those final finishings of a renovation easier.

If you’re nervous about banging a finger when hanging artwork, the magazine recommends a clothespin or a comb to hold your nail. 

For painting – lots of tips:
Use aluminum foil to cover a doorknob to protect it from paint (or other awkward-shaped hardware.  When painting a ceiling, put a slit in a coffee can lid and slide the handle of your paintbrush through it — this will protect you and your house from drips and splatters from your brush.  Need to stop painting for the evening? Wrap your brush (or roller) in plastic or aluminum foil and store in a dry place (I prefer the fridge, personally!) and your brush will be ready to go the next day.  And a jam jar or baby food jar are perfect for storing paint in for touch-ups later on.  Another friend of mine always stores his paint upside down so that it doesn’t have a film on top the next time you re-open it — just make sure that lid’s on tight! 

Use pencil erasers on the back of pictures to protect the wall from the frame. And try using velcro (or blue tak mentioned in a previous post: to ease the hanging of pictures and to help make sure you get the artwork hung in the right spot. 

Finally, if you’re moving furniture, putting socks on the feet of the furniture (or slide towels or wash cloths underneath) will help you to maneuver it more easily.


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