Guerilla knitting

As a craft-lover, I’m a bit of a sucker for this whole guerilla knitting phenomenon.  It’s so sweet and I think it would be a blast to take on a project (if only I could knit better!).  I might have to talk my folks into some guerilla quilting to promote their online store — but I digress. 

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of knitted items crop up in the home — and when I say knitted items, I mean in some more non-traditional uses.  I’m trying to convince Petra that she should knit a lamp for me like the one here — she flies through the knitting so I’m sure she could have it done in no time…


  1. Lori Simoglou says:

    Amy, I have never heard of guerilla knitting. I admit to being a novice knitter at best. I like some of the ideas but I laughed so hard at the pic of the phone booth! That’s hysterical. LOL

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