Happy Stephen’s Day!

Today is Stephen’s Day in Ireland (and please, don’t confuse this with Boxing Day – that’s the English holiday :-) in honor of the first Christian martyr, St. Stephen.  

In Irish, it is called Lá Fhéile Stiofán or Lá an Dreoilín — the latter translates to Wren’s Day linking episodes in the life of Jesus to the wren.  At any rate, it’s a public holiday so I’m not working…woo hoo!

I thought I’d share a few photos from a snowy Stephen’s Day a few years ago when young Miss Tilly was still a pup.


    • amyswear says:

      It’s a smell that one never forgets! Was in the Schoolhouse recently with a friend who was “home” in Ireland over Christmas and he said that exact thing.

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