Hello Monkstown!

Okay, I’ve been here for a month but I’m finally getting around to sharing some pictures of Monkstown, where I’m currently living… 

This is such a picturesque part of Dublin.  Just south of the city, Monkstown sits on the Irish sea and I’m fortunate enough to have my room situated on the top floor of a house on the hill so I have views of the sea from my room which I’m looking at right now.  As I look back toward the red-and-white-striped “stacks” at Poolbeg, I’m practically in view of Tilly’s Cottage (okay, well if I had superhuman eyesight I would be…) 

Clodagh V., who owns this beautiful home, is one of the people who recommended to me that I could put a note in the door of homes that I had my eye on and see if the owners were interested in selling.  That’s the way she and her husband found this great house more than 20 years ago — albeit in need of serious updating at the time, apparently.   So I took her advice and that’s just what I did to get Tilly’s Cottage…it’s a great formula for finding a house and avoiding the agents (sorry, Beck!) 

In sitting down to write this post, I thought I’d look up the history of Monkstown.  I was really hoping to figure out how it got its name — I wasn’t sucessful — but I did find out that, like many towns and cities in Ireland, there is another Monkstown in County Antrim in the North.  I also found out that the town used to be called Carrickbrennan (and I know “carrick” means rock). 

Here’s another interesting tidbit that Petra was telling me about the other day… Monkstown was the site of one of the worst sea disasters in Irish history.  In 1807, two sailing ships were blown up on the rocks and over 400 people died and were washed up on the Monkstown shores.  Most of the victims are buried up the road at the church so that will need to be one of my weekend adventures to go and visit the graves (I know — a bit morbid, but I love visiting graveyards). 

Miss Tilly settled in more quickly than I did — she loves the big screen TV, walks with Clodagh and her dog-friend, Shaun, by the sea during the day when I’m at work and she’s fascinated by Bella, the cat.


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