Honey bee table and chairs

My sister, Stacy, is the principal of a Kindergarten through second grade school in West Texas.  The school’s “mascot” of sorts is the honey bee.  Last Christmas when I was home in Texas, Stacy asked me to help me paint a set of table and chairs for her office.  As principal, she meets with a lot of parents throughout the week and often they bring young children in tow.  Stacy thought it would be great to set up an area of her office for the younger kids to hang out and read or color during the meeting. 

So we tackled the table and chairs in a day — and while this photo doesn’t show the final result, it gives you a good idea of how they turned out.  The chairs have little flight trails and bees hidden up the side on the leg and the table says “Happy learning wherever you may bee” – sweet. Most importantly, it was fun to work with my sister on a crafty project for the day.

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