House & Home coming into its own

I really love a lot of the European decorating mags and one of my favorites is Ireland’s very own, House & Home.   With Ireland being so small, it’s not (in my humble opinion) a great magazine market so the quality suffers at times because the big number reading audiences just aren’t there.  House & Home is an exception — it’s done very well and I really feel like the magazine has come into its own.

One of the things I’ve noticed of late is that the styles featured are starting to shift and I wonder if this is in response to the economy?  A few years ago, most of the home decor mags featured slick, modern-styled homes and while these still feature in House & Home, I’ve noticed that the style is moving toward a more rustic and homey feel of late.  Check out the House & Home blog online for more inspiration from the May/June issue.

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