How to create more storage for books

I am such a book nerd (yes, five years working part-time through high school and then college at Waldenbooks).  Luckily, I got into the habit of giving away books as soon as I read them a while ago (unless, of course, they are in hardcover and a favorite…).  But I still have a LOT of books.  There are at least three storage boxes full of books up in the attic at Tilly’s Cottage which haven’t made their way downstairs yet. 

I guess that’s why I was attracted to these above-the-door bookshelves.  While I’m guessing my feng shui followers (yes, Lori, that’s you!) will say you’re not supposed to store heavy objects over your head, I think it’s a clever solution (if well secured!!) for a small space.  Perhaps best for paperbacks…


  1. Lori says:

    Haha, Amy, you are so RIGHT! It’s especially important not to store them over your head while you sleep! So, please don’t make your headboard into a bookshelf! LOL
    But I do understand the need to utilize every nook and cranny. Space is a precious commodity in a small home! I applaud you for leaving a smaller carbon footprint on our precious planet, I love to call Mother Earth.

    P.S. Totally off this topic of books and storage but while we’re discussing smaller homes. I simply adore those Wee homes and I know they’re not necessarily good feng shui, but one is doing the world a favor if they can manage it.

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