I have fire!!!

I’m gonna’ have to go a little Texan on “ya’ll” for a minute to say I’m SUPER excited that my little cast iron stove is finally in place.  I searched all over the island of Ireland for this little gem as a gas stove is very rare — they tend to all be wood-burning or multi-fuel.  Why didn’t I get wood-burning (or multi-fuel) you might ask?  Because I have zero room to store wood, ashes, etc. and I was never a girlscout so I build lousy fires.  Gas fires are easy to find — just not the kind in these little stoves and I desperately wanted something that looked like it had been there for the last 100 years.  So, after eight months of living here with that little stove sitting under plastic, I finally found someone who would come and install it.  (Apparently, if you purchase something that’s this rare of a find, it’s as equally as rare to find an installer).  The house was covered in dust and mud yesterday after all the workmen were here so it was a mad frenzy to clean it all up last night before my sister and nephew arrive but it was all worth it.

I’m already visualizing me sitting in front of that fire next winter with a cup of steaming hot coffee and a good book.


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  1. Lori says:

    Let me just say I’m SUPER excited for you. I thought the timing was perfect when I saw Becky’s post yesterday! Have fun! Lori

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