I’m baaaaaack

So here I was in the throes of toddler motherhood back in November 2014 when my favorite little hobby, tillyscottage.com, got infiltrated. I only had time to be sad for about a day but many of you lovely followers told me you missed my blog. I’ve been delinquent in doing anything about it but my sister has been blogging about her own house renovations (check out Mullet House – she’s far funnier than I am!) and she said she really wanted me to get my own blog back up. With a little help from the folks at Fiverr, it’s been reinstalled from a clean backup for a small little sum so…here I am. Life has moved on quite a bit so I’m sure I won’t be as frequent a poster as I was before but I imagine in will still indulge in my little writing outlet if you’d like to join me… and just to reassure you all, the blog’s namesake is still fully in the frame in our household. Matilda McGregor (Tilly) will be 10 later on this month and is still my (nearly) constant companion.

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