It’s finished!

I’m really excited that my chair is finally done. It’s only taken me eight months to get to this project :-)  In fairness, the weather has not been very cooperative and there were lots of steps to this process.  My inspiration was Maine Cottage furniture — I love their brightly-colored rattan chairs.  So when I saw mine at the charity shop, I knew it had potential.  

I had foam cut to the size of the chair seat at a local upholstery shop — that took me a while to find a supplier in Dublin and it was in a part of town I was totally unfamiliar with.  I think it’s ironic that the police were doing a raid (bullet-proof vests and all) on an apartment up the road as I was tucking into a dark and crowded little upholstery supply shop on the same block. 

Then, I found some really fun spray paint that matched some fabric I already had.  I used Amy Butler fabric for the seat cushion and used a complementary fabric for the piping.  It’s not perfect but I’m pleased with the way it turned out.  Total price – 15 euros! Not bad. 


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