Kathy marks a special birthday

Today Kathy hits the half century mark.  It got me thinking about the year she was born, 1961, and how so many of the design trends from 50 years ago are back in vogue today.  One of my favorite films from that year is The Parent Trap (the original one with Hayley Mills — not the Li-Lo version from the late ’90s).  The sets in the movie were very hip and I remember thinking how, if I were the twin living in London and saw that cool ranch house in California, that I wouldn’t want to switch back either (but the London pad wasn’t too shabby, either).

Happy Birthday, Kath! Wish I were there to celebrate properly with you!


  1. mollyg says:

    great post for kath’s big day!! I remember distinctly thinking that the decor of Calif was really cool!! London too! Oh, hollywood!!

  2. Kathy Kay says:

    Thanks Amy for the out reach. You took me down memory lane and at this age the memories are starting to get cloudy! It was a good trip.

    I wish that I was there to help you as we did the Burnhams. I am there in spirit until I can get there in person.

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