More on customizing your space

Last month’s Ideal Home featured wallpaper created from a map of London in this funky little kitchen.  So much decorating these days can look same-y same-y that I love ideas like this and the Mykea approach of customizing your IKEA furniture (see earlier post:

This particular vintage map comes from Printed Space (  I’ll definitely have to check in with them to see if they have any Dublin maps and also do a bit of a price comparison against traditional wallpaper as they list prices of £399 for most of the London maps…


  1. mollyg says:

    hey, if you do that, then, when people come to visit, we can see where we need to walk! :) that would have been helpful back in the fall of 2009. wouldn’t it be interesting to put some sort of cover layer on it that allowed for reusable pens to write and then erase, and write and erase?! then, you could leave a note to guests when you are off to work early and they are up later and up for exploring on foot or rail, etc. all about the guests!! :)

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