More on painted ladies

I have been thinking about my love for Victorian houses and wondering where it came from — was it Pippi Longstocking? Maybe it was passing by all those lovely Victorians on visits to my grandmother in Leavenworth, Kansas, growing up.  Or maybe just too many romance novels that I read when I was a teenager.  Whatever the case, I still love the painted ladies and am proud to have owned not one but two Victoria-era homes (although the first one has siding and the second one is brick – sigh). I don’t know if I’ll go down the Victorian route on my next home purchase or if the pendulum will swing the other direction and I might go completely modern but my love for these beauties will forever remain.  Or just go for the cheat approach – new build designed in the Victorian style — all the modern conveniences but a bit of character?  I’m skeptical that this can really be achieved in a new build but I have to say that another drafty old house doesn’t sound like the best idea either.  Thanks for “listening” to my rants…

Victorian House Victorian House Victorian House Victorian House

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