Moving Day

Today is moving day.  I can’t wait to take and post pictures of the gorgeous place in Monkstown where I’ll be staying for the next few months during construction but at the moment, I’m just doing a little reminiscing about when I moved into this house in Ballsbridge as today is the day when the lion’s share of the moving is happening. 

It’s funny looking back on photos because the rental market in Dublin in 2006 was hotter than hot — I looked for a place to live for over a month and probably saw about 60 apartments — all in various states of neglect given my budget.  The rents they were charging for the amount of space you could get was ridiculous so then I found this house — which was a reasonable price at the time but stuck way back in the 80s (I shudder to think of the Aztec border in the purple bedroom with the baby blue mini-blinds).

I decided to take on the place even though I knew I’d have to put in a bit of my own money to paint and get it into a state where I could live in it.  I did a lot that first summer and haven’t been quite as motivated in the last year but I thought I’d share a couple of pics of the before and afters.

I just didn’t have a strong enough heart to take on re-painting these red walls — far too much work for a rental!  I did, however, get rid of the American flag look with the blue, white and silver cabinets by painting them white and putting on new hardware. I later changed the flooring (which had gotten pretty damaged from the previous tenants).

The back garden was in pretty bad shape — moss and mold covering the pavers, overgrown ivy and a couple of beds full of weeds.  There was also a beer keg in the back from the previous tenants.  The plants were still pretty new in this after photo but 5 years on, are now well matured and I also have a clematis vine growing up the back wall.

Both of these photos were in the early days of the front bedroom before artwork, etc. but just painting it a warm color and changing the curtains, adding accents, made a big difference.

 The bathroom was probably the biggest amount of work.  The blue marbled walls were a bit tough to take – might not have been so bad if they were done well but they were pretty moldy – ew. The “wave” shelf in the before pic was listed as one of the features of the house in the ad – go figure.

Goodbye Lansdowne Park – hello Monkstown!


    • amyswear says:

      Aw – I know what you mean. There’s only one solution! You’ll have to come back to Ireland soon so that you can see the new digs…(ok, well you have a few months…)

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