My auction find

There is a very well-reputed auction house not far from where I’m living called “Buckley Galleries”.  I heard all about this place when I first moved to Dublin — a great spot for lots of items — not just antiques.  I was hankering for a V.E.R. (very expensive rug) which would have cost me in the neighborhood of $2500 (which is more than the cost to fit out the bathroom — hmmm, a rug or a bathroom fitout?). The bathroom fit out won out and so I’ve been on the hunt for an inexpensive option.  As my house will be largely IKEA given my budget, I really want to get a few items that aren’t IKEA so that my place isn’t too cookie cutter.

Since I’m working during the day when the auctions are held, my auction fairy, Clodagh (pronounced Clo-dah), went down to the auction on my behalf, found this rug and bought it for 135 euros a mere 7% of the cost of my V.E.R.

Clodagh did her homework and had been tracking the prices of the rugs for a few weeks so that she had her finger on the pulse of what to bid.  This one was a song compared to other weeks so sometimes you just get lucky.  So, I highly recommend checking out the auction houses for good finds — and securing the free services of an auction fairy is also highly recommended. 


  1. Conradical says:

    That rug is gorgeous. I think I’m addicted to auctions here in the US. Are yard sales popular in Ireland? Those also lead to some great non-Ikea finds.

    • amyswear says:

      Thanks, Conrad!! We don’t have yard sales but they have “car boot sales” in empty lots on occasion. I miss Brimfield! But I’ve just been down to the auction again this morning so I’m keeping my eye out! Miss ya.

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