My blue heaven

Yummy is a word I use a lot with things that I like that aren’t edible.  Don’t worry…I also use it with edible things.  But when I see something that I just want to envelope myself in, yummy is the first word that comes to mind.  This ceiling is a case in point.

I know in New England that a lot of homes have blue porch ceilings.  I never knew the history of this until I started writing this blog and googled “history behind blue porch ceilings” — and I was surprised at how many articles came back. 

So the scoop is that it’s called “Haint Blue”.  Haints, apparently, are restless spirits of the dead who have not yet left the physical world. These spirits can’t cross water so painting your ceiling blue prevents them from crossing your door.  History aside, I think it’s a lovely tradition and I find the look as applied in this bedroom really eye-catching and appealing and I can see how it might help calm restless spirits.


  1. Jenny Snyder says:

    In the south we paint our porch ceilings blue to keep the wasps from nesting. They think it is the sky. Sounds funny, but it seems to work.

  2. Reader says:

    You forgot to mention that it is an African tradition brought to the US by enslaved Africans.

    You might want to mention the source when it comes to things like traditions. Put things in context.

    • amyswear says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I didn’t realize that as it wasn’t something mentioned in the research I did. Good to know and yes, full context is important.

  3. julie says:

    After a trip to Savannah, I am wanting to paint my porch ceiling. What color and brand is painted on the Hunnewell School?Thanks!

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