One of my favorite spots

I had the good fortune of going to Vietnam in 2003 and it’s a trip that has stuck with me ever since.  It was an incredible, 14-day trip which was a luxury most Americans wouldn’t have in terms of vacation time but I
happened to be consulting at the time.  Molly had taken year off to travel the world so she met me in Vietnam just threading the needle between Thailand and Cambodia.  

We went smack-dab in the middle of the SARS pandemic so there weren’t a lot of people travelling to SE Asia at the time.  I felt like we were in the scene in the Vacation movie when the Griswalds sneak into Wally World on the day that it’s closed.  We had the place to ourselves — no lines, special deals everywhere we went and the Vietnamese imploring us to please tell our friends in America “no SARS in Vietnam”.  Several of the resorts we went to were offering discount pricing and then, on top of that, would upgrade us to one of their best rooms or bungalows.

We really did live like princesses over the course of that trip.  And at the end of the trip when I was traveling back to the US on my own, I won 500 Singapore dollars at the airport in a “Wheel of Fortune”-styled promotion they were doing.  All in all, a great trip- I want to go back!


  1. crashwilliams says:

    You’ve some really wonderful photos here!

    My wife and I plus a couple of friends are currently in Vietnam – it’s a very stunning country and we’ve fallen in love with all of it!

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