Some nice built-ins

Built-in bookcaseAdmittedly, this is very similar to what I’ve done at my house but mine is so much smaller.  But I was still drawn to it so I guess that means I like the design :-).  If I were a true intellectual, there would be no TV…but I have to have my House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Orange Is the New Black, Mad Men and Amazing Race.


Wall of plants

This makes me want to be a landscape architect.  How fun to create art with plants!  I’m sure this is not the sort of thing that most landscape architects are doing on a day-to-day basis, however, but I can still fantasize.


Intention – there’s that word again

I wrote earlier this year about my one-word for 2014:  Intention. Well, it’s happening and there are lots of exciting things in the works and some scary ones, too.  But the most important aspect about all of this is that I’m putting things back in my control – instead of letting things happen, I’m making things happen. Instead of playing it safe, I’m taking risks and being deliberate in the decision to change an important aspect of my life that I’ve wanted to change for a long while: my career.  I’m in that uncomfortable place at the moment where I’m, *hopefully*, on the cusp of lots of exciting things…but they haven’t quite happened, yet. Limbo is not a great place and that’s the scary part but I have to say, it’s also liberating. My dear client, Doug Berger, once told me “Leap and the net will appear.” I’m mid-air and enjoying a grande skinny hazelnut latte at Starbucks for the free wifi.


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The funny thing about Ireland…

…is that’s it’s so small, you can walk into a cafe and see a “celebrity” (e.g. many sightings of Gabriel Byrne) or your dog could sniff the bum of a celebrity’s brother’s dog (as my dog did yesterday to Collin Farrell’s brother’s dog – I know…this one’s a bit of a stretch) or you could be watching Sesame Street videos on YouTube with your daughter and your actor friend might show up in the commercial on the pre-roll as my friend, Sean, did a few days ago. Gotta’ love this place!


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Daffodil day

Last week was daffodil day in Ireland when volunteers around the country sell daffodils (real ones and silk pins) in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. This elderly lady was volunteering in front of the local supermarket by my office – you have to admire her enthusiasm!


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