Davis Family Farm

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We had such a beautiful and fun Autumn day at Davis Family Farm in Sterling, Mass. I guess I was expecting a small petting zoo but it was so much more.  There’s lots of things to do and see and of course, it’s really tailored toward the kids but I enjoyed it as well.  They have some exotic farm animals and a great area for the kids to play. I was a little obsessed with the giant slide.  The wee one wasn’t too impressed at first and then she wanted everyone in the family to take her down it — so we all had a turn. Thanks to Beck & Bob for doing to research on this one and finding a great spot for us to enjoy before we headed back to Ireland.

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Cruise snob no more

I admit it – I’ve always thumbed my nose a bit at cruises.  I did a weekend cruise for work about 10 years ago that left me with a strong impression of the cruise lifestyle – there was a group of senior marketing personnel for companies were held captive for the weekend on a cruise ship alongside marketing agency salespeople like myself.  In exchange for listening to our pitch, they got to eat, sail and gamble for the weekend for free and we were the ones footing the bill.  My impression after that was that cruising was mainly a casino at sea and I wasn’t too impressed by the small cabins.

I am now reformed!  We recently took a cruise out of Boston to Bermuda and it was a pretty nice way to travel (and if you live in the Boston area, it’s a no-brainer!). While the cabin size still isn’t as nice as a hotel room, we were pretty comfortable.  The people were great and yes, there were casinos but there were also a lot of other things to do and see including a spa (yay!), sushi (double yay!), a great kids center, beautiful Bermuda (of course!) and some really nice people.  I think it’s hard to find a vacation that can satisfy as many ages and tastes as we had on our trip as we had to consider me, my toddler and my parents.  All in all, it worked.  Give Lottie another year and it would have been even better as she will be eligible for the kid camps (which she wasn’t on this trip).  I’m glad we got to take this “taster” trip and I’m looking forward to doing it again when little miss is older and with an even wider group of family members and friends!

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