Pippi Longstocking’s House

Don’t ask me what reminded me of this but I was thinking the other day about the Pippi Longstocking movies and how I used to love them.  I wasn’t thrilled about the fact that her voice didn’t match up with her lips (somehow, I think as a kid that I just thought the film was out of sync — not dubbed).  Anyway, I looked up a few photos of the house and I can see the early influence of my love for cottages and Victorian “painted ladies”.

I once read that part of the success of the Harry Potter series is in the formula that he is free of parental oppression and I think Pippi really pioneered that angle. I would have loved having a polka-dotted horse and a house with no rules when I was Pippi’s age.

You can actually visit the house, called Villa Villekulla in Vimmerby, the hometown of Astrid Lindgren, the author, which is in Småland,


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