Playing catch up

I’ve been a bit busy of late so I haven’t had a chance to post all the progress that’s been made on Tilly’s Cottage — it’s all moving very quickly now.  As of Monday, the walls starting going up.  There was quite a bit of work just getting to this stage in terms of getting rid of tree stumps and completely clearing the site in the back as well as laying in cement footing (the house was originally built on sand!) and putting in the new pipeworks, etc.  Mick and his team have been working awfully hard and in mixed weather conditions.


  1. LorI says:

    Wow! What is the measurement of the backyard. I’m looking at these pics on my tiny screen on the Blackberry, so it’s hard to see. It looks so long and narrow. In any event, can’t wait to see more.

    Is your addition taking up the entire backyard or will you have a patio area? I can’t believe this is the same space. I bet it was a lot of work getting the trees out.

    • amyswear says:

      Long and narrow it is! It’s about 45 feet long and about 11.5 feet wide. It wouldn’t even be considered a livable size in the U.S. but it’s pretty common here – I prefer to think of it as bijoux. The addition is taking up the full length of the backyard but there will be two, very small, inner courtyards / atria to help bring in light since I’m boxed in on two sides. And skylights will help as well!

  2. LorI says:

    Yes! I recall you mentioning the skylights in an earlier post. I’m so excited for you. It’s all coming to fruition. I watch House Hunter’s Int’l and I love to look at the smaller spaces elsewhere. American’s are gluttons. We have smaller families and bigger homes. We a drain on the environment with all our waste.

    In any event, I digress. I recall one show where a family was looking for typical Moroccan home. I love how the rooms surround the inner courtyard. It’s so beautiful. The mosaic tiles they use are beautiful too. It’s nice how they incorporate the outdoors with the indoors.

    I can’t wait to see your space when it’s done! Thanks, for sharing, Amy.

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