Salvage finds

I will never bash IKEA. I love IKEA and I think it’s done so much to give everyone access to great design.  With that said, one of the worst things I could think of is a house full of furniture and decor  that could be lifted directly out of the IKEA catalog.  In fact, I think it’s probably one of the worst things that even the IKEA designers could imagine.

The best way to use IKEA furniture is to save money so that you can add your own personality and touches with other, perhaps slightly more expensive, accessories.  One of the greatest sources for unique looking things is the local salvage yard. While I’ve yet to find my local salvage yard here in Dubln, I have friends in Massachusetts who’ve found lots of great finds at their local “dump”.  I particularly like the idea of a real focal point piece like the clock in the image above.   This particular piece is from a website in the UK called Trainspotters which specializes in vintage transit pieces.  I’m not sure if I can afford it yet, but with the help of IKEA savings, I’m hoping I might be able to snatch up a piece or two:

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