Scott Sanders, Picture Perfect

I had the good fortune of meeting New York interior designer, Scott Sanders, at a dinner party here in Dublin recently.  I had a first-hand peek at Scott’s new book, Picture Perfect, and I was so impressed.  Scott is a lovely guy — in spite of his success, he’s very down-to-earth and you can tell by the drawings Scott did as a child (featured in the forward of his book) that he was destined to become a designer.

Scott spent a number of years working as a designer for Ralph Lauren.  While you can certainly see that influence in his work, Scott has a design sense that’s also all his own as evidenced by the colorful pool house he designed (below).  Check out his website at:




  1. Michelle Nelson says:

    Love his design! According to his website I am 100% BEACH! Somewhere between Bridgehampton and Cozy Cottage! Now I am ready to redecorate! :)

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