Small bedrooms

The bedrooms in Tilly’s Cottage are teensy eensy. Sorry all you fellow yankee doodle dandies but we have no idea what small space is.  It cracks me up when I read our American decorating magazines on solutions for small spaces — they’re huge in comparison to what you find here in Ireland. But I don’t mind teeny eensy — I’ve grown to love it. 




I’ve met both of my neighbors on either side of the cottage and they are both ladies in their 70s who grew up in these artisan cottages — and in both cases, with huge families!  Josie came from a family of 11 and Lela came from a family of 10.  So, imagine having 10-11 people sleeping in one of two rooms — the largest of which is less than 100 square feet.  Cozy!  Oh, and did I mention only an outhouse, no shower and just a small sink and a bucket for bathing? Josie tells me they washed once a week and they would “scrub up, then down, wash the bits and move on to the next child”. But not to worry, it sounds like they both had modern plumbing standards by the time they were teenagers. So, today’s post is in honor of Josie and Lela.

If I were 10, the simple solution would be bunk beds.  And I love the idea of the desk platform in the pink teenage loft. Neither of these are as practical for me but some nice designs for a small bedroom space all the same.


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