Some afters…front of the house.

Will they ever officially be “after” photos?  I don’t know but I’m feeling like I should get some photos up or it will never happen.  here’s the front of the house.  The differences between when I bought are:  paint removed from front facade, new roof, new windows, shutters, wired for a light, repainted the front courtyard and paved it (removed plants), removed tree growing out of chimney, re-furbished and painted the front door and new hardware added, added the house number that I found researching for a blog post, sills extended so that they can accommodate a flower box (and I can never seem to get a photo without a van out front…).  I eventually want to add a wrought iron railing on the extended sills so that I can comfortably add flower boxes both up and down and I have yet to re-hang the hanging basket but I’m almost there. 


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