Summer Meanderings – Part 3 “Critters”

We saw lots of beautiful wildlife in Colorado.  I missed the moose but most of the rest of our gang saw him so I nabbed the moose pic off my mother.  A big highlight was hearing my mom excitedly yell, “Look, look, look!” as we were heading out to the airport just outside of Trout Lake.  We looked over to see a huge herd of elk running through the mountains on our left.  It was majestic!

My mom’s pup, Darby, was also very cooperative in playing dress-up with us. And try as I might, I could never get the perfect shot of the hummingbirds outside Molly’s kitchen window. 


  1. Lori says:

    But you sure can capture Tilly! Just look at those glasses! So, adorable perched on her nose. (Now that I say that I’m not sure if Tilly is a she! Lol please school me if I’m wrong :)

    • amyswear says:

      Funny enough, it’s not Tilly – but Darby – my mom’s westie. My mom met Tilly a couple of years ago and decided to adopt a westie of her own so now I have another sister :-). And yes, Tilly is a girl (but a bit of a tomboy!). x

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