TGIF – CD Coasters

I’ve been doing a bit of a clean-up around the house and attic lately (sad that I’m already having to do this after being in the place for less than a year!).  I have come across a lot of old CDs — even though I’ve given a ton away, I still seem to have more.  It got me thinking about upcycling CDs and what they could be used for and I have found lots of online inspiration about CD Coasters — perfect!

First of all, if you do nothing to them but put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds, the ink on the front will crackle and give it a unique effect — but I’m told it will stink up your kitchen for a while so make sure you have a candle burning!

And with modge podge (which I doubt we can get in Ireland), you can decoupage just about any paper onto the face of the CD and make it water resistant.  Just get some felt to glue to the opposite side of the CD to protect the surface you’re putting it on.  One blog I read suggests tea-staining sheet music to “age it” just a bit — fitting for a CD!

A neat little stack of these would make a great gift for the thrifty!

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