The King’s Speech set design

I finally got to see The King’s Speech a couple of weeks ago and I was SO glad I didn’t wait for the DVD the way I normally would.  I have a requirement for movies that I’m willing to pay over 10 euros for — they have to have big screen presence.  Otherwise, I’m quite happy to watch them at home on the small screen.  The exception:  anything featuring Colin Firth.  He is so dishy — it’s hard to believe he’s 50. But I digress…

Colin Firth was just one of the benefits of seeing this fabulous film on the big screen — the other was feeling like I stepped into the incredible set design.  I love vintage, rustic, distressed — all that stuff.  So Lionel Logue’s speech therapy studio was right up my street. The kitchen in the cottage won’t have windows — so the main source of natural light will be the roof lantern above — albeit differently from this set but still nice to see the look. 

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