The Nester

Lora, via Christiana, has introduced me to this site. There’s so much charm to this woman’s home.  And I like her philosophy that it “doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.” It’s a great approach for someone like me to take since I’m going to have to use a lot of pre-loved furniture in the new pad until I can afford the fancy stuff. (Let’s face it, that day won’t likely come and I’m not much of a fancy stuff kinda’ gal anyway).

In the first image, I love the way she’s used painted shutters above her fireplace.  I don’t know if the wreath is just for the holidays or a year-round look (I think it’s the latter) but it’s lovely and soft looking. 

Her wall of mixed art is fun and the room looks really comfy cozy.



And slip-covered sofas throughout makes me want to just kick back with a cup of coffee and my book.


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