The rise of the urban farmer

I do a lot of trendwatching in my real job and one of the things I’ve seen a lot written about lately is Urban Farming and the GIY movement (Grow It Yourself).

From personal observation, I was surprised at the number of backyard chicken coops I’ve seen springing up and also touted at garden centers.

Ella McSweeney is an Irish tv presenter of the agriculture show “Ear to the Ground” and is good friends of the family I’m staying with. She not only raises chickens but has also raised pigs at her home in Dublin. ¬†I’ve dropped in a link to her blog — she’s a really interesting person who lives and espouses both these movements if you want to learn more.


  1. LorI says:

    I love it, Amy. Buy locally if you can’t grow it yourself. It’s better for the environment and you know what they’re being fed. In today’s age, what with the growth hormones being fed to our animals and pesticides, it’s a miracle our foods grown commercially aren’t killing us faster.

    By the way, what is your real job? I have no idea what you’re doing since you left Boston.

    • amyswear says:

      A friend recommended a great book on the subject – will get the name of it from her and do a post on it. My real job is the same as always – I work at a marketing agency!

  2. LorI says:

    Yes, please do. I would love to read it!

    As for your real job, I thought as much. Your love of photography compliments it nicely.

    • amyswear says:

      I’ve met so many people here in Ireland recently who are keeping chickens – in fact, the folks right across the road from us do — you should DO IT! :-)

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