The sun was shining – FINALLY

After what’s been a pretty rough summer here in Dublin with lots of rain, we finally had a sunny weekend. Through our interns at work and other visitors from the US, most of the Americans whom I meet say the weather is as expected but I swear it’s usually much better than it’s been.  Anyway, I had the great fortune of getting to spend both Saturday and Sunday outside and got to share the beautiful weather with my favorite furry friend, Tilly, and my favorite toddler friend, Casper.  Here is a photo of both of them at the park Sunday.  Casper and I made a dandelion collar for Tilly – she was a good sport and wore it for all of ten minutes! 

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  1. Lori says:

    Amy, that’s why your grass is so beaufitul and green. Ireland must be getting all the rain. As I’m sure you know, the U.S. has had massive drought conditions all over. Pretty pics. Love this post. Xo Lori

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