This reminds me of my old dorm room

The rooms in my dorm were fitted out with fixed furniture — basically, a desk, a bed with two drawers underneath and a fixed “bolster” to along the wall side of the bed that was padded and could be used as a shelf – so there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to change things up in the room.  I found a picture (this was NOT my room – but the structure is the same) on the web of one of the dorm rooms at my college. Anyway, it didn’t take us long to figure out that there was wasted space behind that padded bolster and that if we took it off, hinged it and added some shelves, it would be come a great little storage compartment.

So when I saw this space-saving storage sofa bed, it made me laugh and it immediately brought to mind that little bolster solution my roommate and I had come up with.  It’s funny what the necessities of a small space can inspire in terms of furniture design.

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