Two inexpensive artwork tips

Have you ever been stuck on a tight budget in need of something to throw up on the walls for a bit of pizzazz?  Here are two ideas I think are well worth considering…

First, think frames — you can get cheap and interesting frames at just about any yard sale, estate sale or auction and, when spray painted the same color, can make a really interesting piece or collection on the wall.  In this instance, used to frame a little eye candy — but sometimes, an empty frame on its own does the trick.

Second, think fabric —  you’ve probably seen this quite a bit if you’re an IKEA devotee  but if you take a look at images across the web, you’ll find lots of imaginative ways to showcase your favorite fabric or a coordinating fabric with your room.  One of the more unusual approaches  is to use a needlework round as your frame — this is so simple — it requires no special skill or framing expense and, perhaps best of all, the fabric can be changed on a whim or seasonally if you want to change up your look.


  1. Chris Newald says:

    Students often use posters to spruce up their apartments. Posters are inexpensive and can be left behind when school is over. These are two much more elegant solutions for the same price. In addition, unlike flimsy posters which normally tear when moved, frames and fabrics are sturdier so you’re free to reorganizing your apartment as often as you like. Great article!

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