Typographic Maps

If ever there were a time to be a typographic artist, I think this is it.  Typography is really “in” at the moment — and maybe it’s just a bit of a backlash to technology that vintage typography used on modern prints seems to be all the rage.

I’ve come across a number of typographic maps that I think are pretty cool.  The two examples of the US and British Isles are from Bold & Noble: http://boldandnoble.com/


And Ork Posters have a range of city posters from popular US cities.  My house in Beantown is in that big gap of white space on the left in the Boston map — surrounded by Boston on three sides.










  1. Becky says:

    I was at Melissa’s house 2 days ago and she had the cutest typographic map in Finny’s room. Your blog was the first time I’d seen those and thought it was funny that she had one. She recently blogged about some of these same maps, provign that great minds think alike!

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