Walnut wallpaper

It’s not a well kept secret that I love wallpaper and I keep finding all these really great and original wallpaper companies.  This one is called Walnut Wallpaper (love the name – get it? Cute, eh?).  After all this chat about wallpaper on this blog, I think I’ll be under pressure to use wallpaper in my house. http://www.walnutwallpaper.com/


  1. mollyg says:

    love wallpaper too! especially my monkey wallpaper. i hope it is still in some sort of good shape – thinking children fingers running down it daily. :) oh, well. I do have to say that i like the rough floor on the last picture too. Living in the perfect floor house, I am thinking that I really don’t mind a rough floor that you don’t have to be meticulous about on a regular basis! :)

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